3 FLOATING SECRETS! For adults who can't float and want to learn.

Your body already knows how to float perfectly... But your MIND is stopping you from experiencing a God-given ability you already possess! 

If you believe that you can't float, don't float, and won't float you might as well be holding on to a bag of rocks. Those ideas are heavy! And in the water, your mind rules your results. 

My job is help you let go of the rocks! And your first step is learning these 3 floating secrets that someone should have told you years ago.... 

So you can finally feel like Megan πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Megan Edited Testimonial

1. Everybody Floats! Every--Body Floats!

That means your body floats... my body floats... and all of your friends and family's bodies float too!  Literally, every BODY floats... There are NO "sinkers" and NO exceptions!!! 

Did you know the average adult life-jacket only provides 12 pounds of support? Amazing, right!?  And it's the same if you weigh 100, 200, or even 300 pounds.

Why do you only need 12-pounds of lift? BECAUSE YOUR BODY ALREADY FLOATS!

Life jackets are designed to keep you alive with your head out of the water while you do nothing!  So it only takes about 12 pounds of help to keep your 11-pound head out of the water!

So if we all float, why do 100 million U.S. adults think they can't float, don't float, and won't float? 

Surprise floater 2

They share bad ideas about what floating is supposed to look like... 



2. #1 MYTH making you think you CAN'T float.   

One of these people retired from competitive swimming after a 20 year career... and the other is a SwimAble Adult student in the water for the fourth time ever. 

Guess who's who!                       

Jim and Brenda Compare Floats

If you didn't already realize it's a trick question - The dude with the sinking feet is me... a retired Division 1 scholarship swimmer and SwimAble co-founder.

And that top photo is of Brenda, who spent her entire adult life scared of the water. That picture was taken during her 4th SwimAble Adult session -- which also happened to be her 4th time in the water since she was a little girl. 

What's the problem?  πŸ‘‰ Everyone believes they're supposed to float like Brenda.  

But chances are overwhelmingly good you'll never float like Brenda, no matter how hard you practice... And I won't either.  

Our floats are as unique as our body compositions are different.

Your natural float is different from mine and different from Brenda's. Because how much fat or muscle you have and where you store it on your body is unique to you! 

Not convinced? Here are two more awesome people who found their natural and perfect floats only a few days into starting the SwimAble Adult course.... They both were swimming the next day! 

2 More floatersPay attention to their legs. Not what you always thought a float had to look like, is it? 

Every--BODY floats. And your natural float probably won't look like Brenda's.  So stop letting that stop you!


Finding your natural float is easy! Get started today. 


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Watch Brenda's incredible SwimAble Journey Here! 


3. Full lungs make you float! Take a breath, your life jacket is inside you.

You don't have to learn the complicated science... Like how when you take a deep breath and fill your lungs with air, you displace more water in the pool and that water provides a boost to your upward buoyant force... a.k.a floating ability.

Because simple explanations are best...

Air floats in water. Always

Have you ever tried to sink a beach ball? It’s impossible! 

It's also impossible to sink after taking a full-breath of air!  

Life jackets work the same way your lungs do... by trapping air. So take a deep breath... your life jacket is inside you! 

Finding your natural float is a simple as taking a big breath of air and fully relaxing your body. That's it. 

There's nothing you have to do. Take a deep breath, relax, and let your built-in life jacket do all the work! 

Ready to learn how to use your lungs like a life jacket???

Click here πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


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Are you scared to try? Need help relaxing? You're in the right place! 

Take a big deep breath. Floating is NOT the first step to learning how to swim... SwimAble Adult starts out on DRY LAND!!! 

Now exhale with a sigh of relief. 

If you have any fear or reservation about getting in the water, learning how to swim, or even thinking about learning how to float... that means we have more heavy "bag of rock" beliefs we need to ditch first. 

You're in the right place! Helping adults overcome their fear is our specialty. 

Do yourself a big favor and read this: "ERASE YOUR FEAR OF THE WATER! Water Trauma in Childhood and the 100 Million U.S. Adults Who Can’t Swim."

In there we show you that you're not alone, share simple self-guided methods to help you completely relax and feel confident in the water, and show you how you can finally reverse your fear and become Swim-Able. 

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You're only days away from floating and swimming on your own! I know that sounds crazy a maybe even unbelievable... But it's truth. 

Finding your natural float is SIMPLE. Overcoming life-long fears is SIMPLE. You just need to know what the right steps are and have someone willing to hold your hand every step of the way.

That's where taking massive action and joining SwimAble Adult comes in. 

  • Are you ready to unlock your God given floating ability? 
  • Are you ready to learn how to calm your nervous system and find relaxation in the water?
  • Do you promise not to rush steps and jump in the water before you're fully relaxed sitting on the water's edge?

We only want you to click over to our SwimAble Adult 84-Video Course Page if you answered YES to each of those 3 previous questions. 


Join SwimAble Today to Unlock: 

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Don’t let another dry minute go by without taking action. You found us for a reason. Join now πŸ‘‰ SwimAble Adult 

Until next time. Safer Swimming and Happy Swim Discovery!


Jim Wood, Co-Founder of SwimAble.com