3 Reasons Your Kids DON'T NEED Swimming Lessons this Summer!

Summer swimming is almost here! And as an awesome parent, you want your kids to be safe swimmers this summer – duh!

But you don't have to be like the herd and rush to sign up for summer swim lessons – here are 3 reasons why your kids don't need swimming lessons this summer: 

1) Swimming lessons are way too slow!

The whole point of taking summer swimming lessons is to help your kids become safer independent swimmers this summer. But almost all kids who start swimming lessons this summer are still going to be in swimming lessons at the end of summer – with a long way to go before they're actually safer independent swimmers. 


Here's what a typical summer looks like for families with kids in swimming lessons: You take your kids to their swim lessons so they can practice swimming with a coach. But your kids are still learning, and they're not safer independent swimmers yet. So, when you want a fun family day at the pool, you end up either putting your kids in a life jacket or having to hold on to them the entire time. 


And parents end up doing this summer and after summer. But this doesn’t have to be your summer! Your kids can become safer independent swimmers right on day 1, and you can accelerate their learning by combining "playtime" and "learning time" into the same time! 


Which is exactly what we do in our SwimAble Kid, Swim Discovery™ program! Your kids don't need a coach to learn how to swim – they can discover how to swim for themselves, all while they have the freedom to move and play safely without you holding on to them. Sounds like a win-win, doesn't it?  


Check out our Swim Discovery™ for the fastest and most natural way your kids can learn to swim!


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2) Swimming lessons are too expensive!


Way too expensive! If you're eager for summer swimming lessons, get ready to fork out somewhere between $400 to $1000 for that summer-long, slower-learning experience. You might be able to find a private coach or red cross program charging a little less – but not by much. Any popular franchise swimming lesson programs – like Aqua-Tots or Goldfish Swim School – are pricey.  


Group swimming lessons look like a great value because they're about $90/month on average. And that’s for a once a week, 30-minute class. And when you're comparing that to an average private-lesson price tag of $140 to $200 a month, $90 doesn’t seem so bad. But here's the truth: those kids only get 7.5 to 10 minutes of personalized attention from the coach each class! That breaks down to $3 per minute of instruction – the same price as a seasoned attorney or PhD. Psychologist – way too much!


Obviously, you want your child to become a safer independent swimmer. But you don't have to break the bank to hand your kids off to a coach. Save that money and make unforgettable memories with your kids instead -- while they learn to swim quickly and naturally! 


Check out our SwimAble Kid, Swim Discovery™ program to see how your child can learn to swim for only $20 a month!


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3) Swimming lessons are full of headaches and distractions!

Before reading this article, you wanted summer swimming lessons for your kids. Just like millions of other parents too! Swimming lesson programs get slammed over the summer. Which is great for them and not so great for you or your kids. 


More kids signing up for lessons means more scheduling headaches for you! You might find a class time that works with your schedule, but many parents have to bend over backward to fit those swimming lessons in. And if you miss a class, it can be a real pain to find a time to make it up. 


But more kids in the pool also means more distractions for your kids – a louder learning space and more waves in the pool. It means more kids crying, yelling, splashing, and distracting your kids who are trying hard to pay attention to their coach. And more kids signed up for swimming lessons often means more kids stuffed into classes with your kids. 


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GOOD NEWS: this doesn’t have to be your summer! 


The absolute best - easiest - quickest – safest - and most affordable way for your kids to learn to swim is to allow them to figure it out for themselves!


I'm not joking — they don't need any special coaching.  They can learn right in your own backyard or community pool!


All you need to do is these 3 things:

1) Take them to the pool

2) Put them in a Life Jacket like this: TYR Progressive Training Aid

3) Let them play! 


It's really that easy.

The water is every kid’s best coach. If they move the wrong way, they don't go anywhere in the water -- if they start moving the right way, they do. Kids can quickly learn how to swim spontaneously without any outside coaching. 


The Life Jacket's we use from TYR are unique and allow you to remove flotation as your child gets stronger and more skilled in the water. Eventually, they'll be swimming without any Life Jacket on at all - it works a lot like training wheels on a bike — it's brilliant. 


Here's a video that takes a deeper dive into how Swim Discovery™ and our SwimAble Kid program workshttps://youtu.be/Vi4l7VTiC78




We've helped thousands of kids learn to swim and can make things super simple for you. We'll send you fun games and personalized tips every week straight to your email. We'll also tell you when to remove flotation from your Life Jacket, and how much to remove so you never have to guess.  


Our SwimAble Kid program is only $20 a month, and we guarantee it's the easiest and quickest way for your kids to learn how to swim – swimming lessons aren't even close. 


Check it out here: https://swimable.com/product/swimable-kid/


Before you doubt this can work for you – we've taught thousands of kids how to swim before discovering this method. And unquestionably, this is the fastest and more natural way we've ever seen kids learn to swim – and you easily can do it yourself. Let us show you how – sign up for SwimAble Kid today!