Front Floating: How to Guide

Learning how to front float is a major milestone. BUT it is also an intimidating prospect for new swimmers who have not quite learned how to do it yet.  The goal of today's post is to simplify the process and take all of the fear and worry out of learning how to front float!


Once you know how to do this anything is possible, including

First, it's important to know that ALL swimmers have a different natural front float buoyancy that depends on your own unique fat/muscle body composition.   

The process of finding YOUR own unique front floating buoyancy is simple:

Step 1: Find your way into the shallow end of a pool & find a comfortable spot to hold onto the side of the wall

find your spot

Step 2: Dip down into the water, take a nice deep breath, and lean your head forward to submerge your face into the water

Hold your breath

Step 3: Scan your body from head to toe and release any tension that is built up.  From there, allow your legs to FULLY relax and pay attention as they start to move off the bottom of the pool & rise towards the surface

face down feet up

Step 4: Notice that my natural front float buoyancy is with my arms and torso on top of the water BUT my legs are too dense and do not make it all the way to the top.  Don't fight this, allow your legs to rise as far as they naturally want to.

Allow your body to be fully relaxed in this position for 10 - 20 seconds before bringing your knees into your chest, tilting your head back and standing back up!

face down

chin on water

standing up

And that is it.  Feel free to repeat this process as many times as you want!  

It's important to not fight the water, if your legs do not make it all the way to the top that is 100% ok.  I repeat that is 100% ok!  What is not ok is believing that you are failing or doing something wrong if your legs are not in that position.  I promise that is not the case!  

The process is SUPER easy and I encourage you to continue practicing so you can be 100% relaxed prior to moving onto the next step in the progression [letting go of the wall].

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Otherwise, until I see you again my friends,

SAFER Swimming ✌️