Fun things to do in the Pool

What if I told you that you could save $$ [not spending it on expensive swimming lessons] simply by going to the pool and having FUN with your child... would you believe me?

Now that I have your attention, let's get down to business.   In today's article we are going to teach you a SIMPLE, FUN & engaging pool game that mimics many of the essential swimming skills that those expensive swimming lessons are teaching your child. 

[ To find additional games that mimic essential skills, check out our Fun Pool Games video] 


Exciting Pool Game


The Go and Get It Game:


Equipment needed: 

1. Goggles: we strongly feel that goggles help speed up your child's learn to swim process

2. A ball or toy that floats (the object is to throw the toy & have it float so your child can "Go and get it"

Swimming skills covered in this game: 

1. Paddle Swimming

2. Kicking

3. Treading water


How to play the game:

1) Have your child bring their favorite toy [that can float] with them to the pool

2) Once in the water & sitting on a step or the side of the pool: Queue your swimmer to throw the toy "AS FAR AS YOU CAN" [make this a game because most kids want to show off on how far they can throw AND this supports them having to swim further to retrieve the toy... +1 for the good guys 😉]

3) Ensure you are located between the toy and your swimmer and encourage them to swim and retrieve the toy!  

4) Once your child has retrieved the toy, have them turn around the bring it back to the pool 

*** We are not teaching your child "how to swim" with a toy in hand, BUT the reality is that kids are going to swim with toys, so this is a way to help them realize how best to do that ***

5) Repeat - over and over and over and.... OVER!  

This simple game accomplishments a number of things:

1. Teaching your child to use their basic swimming movements such as scooping and kicking - we are also engaging these movements without the child actively knowing they are doing so.   This is coaching by coaxing and a powerful tool that helps promote FUN and learning!

2. Encouraging your child to participate in activities that THEY find fun help stimulate learning while also creating positive associations with the water.

3. Positive associations with the water help your child relax [making them more buoyant in the water] & also help your child actively want to swim more.  Let's face it, the more your child enjoys an activity, the more they want to participate in that activity.  More exposure to the water is better!