Games to Play in the Pool

After a few months, or a season of not swimming, our kids swimming skills can regress. 

As Swim Coaches we see this all the time



Pool Games

We know having your child be a strong swimmer can greatly reduce the risk of childhood drowning, and we want to make sure their skills continue to grow. Even if they have regressed a little bit. 

One of the best ways, we as coaches actually develop our swimmers swimming skills is by playing games. 
We know it sounds simple but it is the truth. 
Kids learn better when they are having fun. 
And there is no better place to have fun but in the pool. 


3 fun pool games to play with your kids

There are three main types of games you can play with your kids:

1) Retrieval Games

2) Underwater Games

3) Jumping Games


As seen in the video above: Swim Tag is an example of a Retrieval Game, where your swimmer is practicing their paddle swim, kicking their feet, and feeling their own natural buoyancy. 

The best part is with Swim Tag is that both of you are having a lot of fun.

Having Fun is your number 1 goal

The next time you go to the pool, remember your number 1 goal is to have fun. 


The best part is you can, as a parent help make up for lost swimming time and start to grow your child's swimming confidence and ability again, by playing a few games and having fun. 

Power of Play

You can learn more about the Power of Play in the water by getting a small Downloadable PDF from SwimAble that can help you, the parent, start swimming again on the right foot. 

Safer Swimming, 
the SwimAble team.