How do I get my Swimmer to calm down while Back Floating?

The key is all in the relaxation. The more tense a child is, the more dense their muscles and body becomes. When this happens they sink.


Getting your Child to back float and stay up is hard. 




1) Head Position


When the swimmer is on their back we want them to keep their eyes, and chin to look slightly behind them. 

Because our brains and heads are so heavy, if we, even for a moment, tip our heads forward our body will sink. 

So it is imperative to keep our child's eyes looking backwards. 


2) Calm Body


A calm body allows for the maximum amount of surface area, and relaxed buoyant muscles. 


How do I get my child to calm down?


At Swimable, we like to distract them, by playing a counting game, or getting them to think about something else. 


See the video above for more details.