How Learn to Swim Life Vests Work

Learn-to-Swim Life Jackets are the best kept secret in the kid swim lesson space – it’s not even close! These things are magic!


And if you’re one of those Anti-Life-Jacket parents… take a deep breath and hang in with us. This read is only 5-minutes and it just might change your mind.

The Learn to Swim Life Jacket is specifically designed for kids learning how to swim.


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How Life Vests work?

Let’s talk Training Wheels.


How did you learn to ride a bike as a kid (assuming you did)? My dad hooked us up with training wheels.


And for obvious reasons – when you remove a child’s risk of falling, you remove their fear of falling and allow them to safely learn the coordinated skills of pedaling, braking, steering, and balancing quicker. See, when kids are scared, they don’t learn well – it’s that simple.


When kids hop on a bike with training wheels, they are given the freedom to move and play with their bike INSTANTLY - way before they’d ever be able to ride it without training wheels. First, that’s a whole lot more fun and second, that leads to faster learning – always.


Could you imagine your mom and dad hiring a professional cyclist to teach you bike riding basics?


Imagine that instructor - decked out in spandex showing up in your driveway ready to teach… eeps.


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Learn-to-Swim Life Jackets are Training Wheels for the water.

You already get the concept by now, right? It would be ridiculous to hire a professional cyclist to teach your kids the basics of how to ride a bike. Why is this how our kids learn to swim?


With a Learn-to-Swim Life Jacket, zipping your child in is just like hooking them up with training wheels.


You instantly remove the risk of sinking, which removes the fear of sinking, which allows them the freedom to get in the water to move and play safely. And that means they’re going to figure out how to coordinate kicking, paddling, breathing, not breathing, and floating on their own – just like they’ll figure out how to pedal, steer, brake, and balance on their own when they have training wheels on their bike!


It’s that simple. Maybe you think it sounds too simple?


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When kids have the freedom to move and play safely in the water, they discover how to swim for themselves!


We trademarked this phenomena Swim Discovery™ and it works a lot faster than swimming lessons. Look – it’s IMPOSSIBLE for kids to play in the water without figuring out how to swim.


To play, they have to move, to move they have to figure out HOW to move.


If they aren’t moving in a way that works, they won’t go anywhere or at least won’t go anywhere as fast as they’d like.  And kids are motivated by play and want to play well – and any obstacle that stands in their way from playing how they want is an obstacle they’ll figure out how to get around. Always.


So, when kids aren’t swimming quickly or aren’t moving at all, they make SPONTANEOUS and AUTOMATIC adjustments to how they’re swimming so they can swim better – so they can play better.


Kids don’t need a coach to learn how to swim, they just need their training wheels for the water.


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Learn-to-Swim Life Jackets are even better than Training Wheels. At some point the day comes when it’s time to remove the training wheels and get up on that bike for the first time without them – I remember that day, and it was terrifying, I fell 3 times before I figured it out.


Training wheels were on and then the training wheels were off. I really wish I could have weaned off slowly.


The GENIUS of the Learn-to-Swim Life Jacket is that it’s built with 8-pieces of REMOVABLE flotation.


So once your child conquers their fear, builds confidence, and learns to swim well in FULL-FLOTATION, we remove some and let them keep moving and playing safely in the water. Less help, but more independence, strength, endurance and skill development.  


When they’re ready (we tell you when), you remove a little more. And a little more and we wean them off the life jacket entirely.


WITHOUT EVER NEEDING A COACH. No swimming lessons and no coaching.


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Training wheels make kids INSTANTLY SAFER on their bikes before they actually learn to ride. Learn-to-Swim Life Jackets make kids INSTANTLY SAFER in the water before they actually learn to swim.


Before your child learns to swim, you only have 3 options to keep them safe in the water.

  1. Don’t go swimming
  2. Hold them the entire time
  3. Zip them in a Life Jacket


#1 – you’re not here to stay dry.

#2 – holding your child the entire time isn’t fun for either of you, and it prohibits their learning.

#3 is the only way to give your child the freedom to play and move safely in the water BEFORE they learn to swim independently.


BUT regular life jackets end up prohibiting learning too. And that’s why we encourage you to use a Learn-to-Swim Life Jacket that not only makes your child INSTANTLY SAFER, but also ACCELERATES their learning.


Your child is always supported by exactly the right amount of flotation they need to keep swimming safely. And…

Your child is always matched with just the right amount of challenge to accelerate their learning


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You’re NOT alone - We guide you through the process!

If knowing when to remove flotation and figuring out how much to remove at any time feels intimidating – don’t let it! We guide the entire process for you!

All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the pool and zip your child into a LEARN-to-SWIM LIFE JACKET
  2. Play with them in the pool!
  3. Fill out a quick 60-second virtual swim test

The more you go to the pool, and the more you play the faster your child will DISCOVER how to swim on their own.  


Did you know the average 2-year-old needs 3-years of swimming lessons to learn how to swim? That’s over $3,000 in cheaper group lessons - SKIP IT!


Did you know the average 3-year-old needs 2-years of swimming lessons to learn how to swim? That’s over $2,000 in cheaper group lessons - SKIP IT!


Did you know the average 4-year-old needs over 1-year of swim lessons to learn how to swim? That’s over $1,000 in cheaper group lessons - SKIP IT!



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Watch this video to see how we use the TYR Learn-to-Swim Life Jacket:

Check out our SwimAble Kid, Swim Discovery™ program to see how your child can learn to swim for only $20 a month!