How to Climb Out of the Pool

One of the commonly overlooked, yet necessary lifesaving skills for your child is learning how to child to climb out of the pool.  This is a crucial step to the

water safety of your child as it ensures that they can remove themselves from an inherently dangerous place, the swimming pool.


Let's face it, there will be times your children will jump or fall in the water where there are no ladder or stairs for easy exit.  This is where training on how to properly exit a pool becomes an essential lifesaving skill.

Our goal with this training is to ensure that you child can safely exit the water from any position in pool!




Here is how we teach our swimmers to climb out of the pool


1. Have your swimmer grab onto the wall with two hands [please emphasize BOTH hands!]

2. Put one elbow on top of the edge of the pool

3. Bring their other elbow up on the edge

4. Pull their body up so that their tummy is laying on the edge of the pool

5. Have them put their knee on the ledge and push up to a safe exit of the pool.

The easy command that we use, in lesson, is "Elbow, Elbow, Tummy, Knee, Push" We queue this EACH and every time we have a learning opportunity - you should too!


Lifesaving Swimming Skills


Learning to climb out of the pool is a lifesaving swimming skill & we are hopeful that you will start including it in your summer swimming experience!


Including exiting the pool, there are 5 Specific Lifesaving swimming skills that your child needs to learn to help promote their safety while swimming this summer:

1) Get comfortable in the water

2) Float on their back

3) Paddle Swim on their front

4) Go Underwater and hold their breath

5) Jumping in & exiting the pool




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