How to Learn how to Swim without a Pool

I'm going to give you a super simple technique. That's going to help calm your fears, reduce your anxiety and get you set up for success for your first ever swimming lesson.


My brother Jim & I came up with a super simple technique that we will walk you through. 


How to learn to swim without a Pool


1) I want you to head to whatever pool you're most likely to be learning, how to swim in. And this is really, really important, so that you can start to acclimate to the environment and spend some time there. Now we're going to walk through the next step. To get the most out of this exercise, your nervous system needs to experience being around the water.


2) Find a spot to sit next to the water about 10 feet or less away from the pools outage. You might be more comfortable in a chair or on the ground. Just listen to what your gut says is going to make you most relaxed and do that.


It's just really, really important that you have your own space, so we can really get into a meditative state. And we're going to introduce a breathing technique. That's gonna allow you just to calm your fears, slow down your racing thoughts, and just get you really comfortable in that environment.


3) Once you're ready, take a deep breath in and then slowly exhale. As you close your eyes, try to tune into the areas of your body that are grounded.


And as you start to exhale, just slowly close your eyes. And we want you to spend about five minutes in this position. Now we're going to go through a really simple breathing technique. It's called box breathing.


4) Box Breathing, I want you to do is just spend three seconds on your inhale, inhale through your nose.

Then I want you to hold that breath at the top for three seconds, spend three seconds on your exhale and hold at the bottom for another three seconds.

And we're just going to repeat that technique, like I said, for about three to five minutes and really try to slow down our racing thoughts.

Purposely take those nice deep breaths and just work out any tension that we have inside of our body.

And once we have done this for five minutes or so, I just want you to do a quick check in with yourself and see if where you are at this point is calmer than when you started.

And these are our Swimming Basics before you ever get into a pool

Our goal for you is to utilize this technique every single time before you stepped foot in the water. This will really help prepare your body. Go through this technique, calm your nerves, and just get your ready for that first swimming lesson experience.

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