TYR Swim Vest

Choosing a Swim Vest to use for you child can be cumbersome. There are so many options to choose from.


Water safety for your Child is your first priority 


Swim Vests are great because having our child wear one can:


1. Build the confidence they need to feel comfortable in the water

2. Helps them feel their own buoyancy in the water & thus helps them develop the motor skills they need to be a strong swimmer, faster. 

3. With a Progressive Training Vest, the more capable they become in the water, when they are swimming with you, you can start to remove some the flotation to ween them off of the vest.



We like the TYR vest best because of how the flotation is set inside the vest. 


The goal of a Progressive Training Vest is to keep your child afloat while they develop the gross motor skills they will need. As they learn their own buoyancy you can remove flotation from the vest.


So first you would remove the number 1 pieces. 


Then once your child has sufficiently mastered swimming with -1 flotation. Go ahead and remove the number 2 pieces

And you will continue to do this till your child is no longer wearing a vest at all. 


Why we recommend the TYR vest


We like the TYR vest because:

1) it allows us to progressively remove the flotation. 

2) this vest allows for full arm movement, so your child can practice all the swimming movements with ease. 

3) the flotation is equally measured out so you don't have to guess on which flotation pieces, or how many you should take out.