How to Stop Goggles From Fogging Up

Having good gear is a boost of confidence and foggy goggles are a common challenge for swimmers of all ages. 

How do you stop your goggles from fogging up? First, you need to know what is causing the problem, and then you can learn how to prevent it.

Why do the goggles keep fogging up?


Condensation is the culprit behind foggy goggles.  The combination of hot and cold causes water droplets to form on the inside of your goggles — which creates fog. The harder and more fun you are having while swimming, the warmer your body gets, which can mean more fog. 


When our swimmers are swimming and they can't see their confidence and swimming ability usually falls off. So it is important we have goggles which we can see out of


How do we de-fog goggles?


There are lots of ways you can defog goggles. 


1) While DIY methods can do the trick, some swimmers prefer to go with an option specifically designed for swim goggles. Here is a product which Coach Jeff recommends called SPIT.


Application of anti-fog spray is quick and simple. First, make sure each lens is clean. You do not want to mix the spray with any dirt or debris, such as sand. Next, use the spray bottle to apply a thin, even coat of the product to the inside of each lens. After spraying the goggles, give them a quick rinse. You can do this in the sink, shower or even the pool. Now your goggles should be clear


2) Most new goggles will come with a defogging agent in them, but those tend to wear out kinda quick 


3) The DIY method is just to take your thumbs and remove the fog, or dunk them in the water.


By dunking them in the water the temperature on the outside of the goggles will match the inside of the goggles. 


In order to have the goggles not fog up even more, try having your swimmer getting their face wet as well as dunking the goggles in the water. This will make sure the temperature on the skin will be cooler when your swimmer starts swimming again, and the goggles will not immediately fog up. This solution may only be temporary, though. As your swimmer has lots of fun swimming, likely they will heat up again heat up, which could still cause fogging to occur. 


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