Jumping into the Pool

If your swimmer doesn't jump into the pool correctly they may slip & hit their heads against the side of the pool or hurt themselves in major ways. 


And that goes against the SwimAble ethos of the Pool being a FUN place to be.


so here is what you as a coach need to say and do



Fun things to do in the pool


Jumping In is one of the 5 key SAFER SWIMMING SKILLS

This means we are going to try and practice it every time we are at the pool. 




When you are practicing your jumps, and you have moved on from practicing your HUMPTY DUMPTY (see POWER OF PLAY PDF to understand what HUMPTY DUMPTY is)

It is time to do BIG GIRL/BIG BOY JUMPS. 


The first thing you want to do tell your swimmer is:




Toes on the edge means they have a good grip on the ledge. 


Pool decks can be wet & slippery places, which is why we always hear people saying "no running". 


There are times kids can get overly excited about jumping into the pool, and they can jump in without having a solid grip. Which means they can slip and hurt themselves. 


Toes on the edge also gives you, the parent in the pool, a chance to be ready for your swimmer to jump in. 


This way you swimmer is jumping in safely and they have your full attention. 


Jumping In can be the most fun part of swimming lessons and we want to keep it that way. 


Safer Swimming

The SwimAble Team


Ps: If you are looking for other fun pool games, to play in the pool. Or other jumping in games make sure you check out the POWER OF PLAY PDF.