Learning How to Swim: Swimming Basics

An opportunity learning how to swim can be one of the most rewarding processes in your life. I know that cause I've seen it

I taught a 75 year old man who had it on his bucket list to learn how to swim. Literally it was the only thing left on his to do list in life. And he committed to it and he learned how to swim.

When he put his face in the water for the first time it was like this beautiful symphony of emotion, just happiness.

He said, "I wish I did that earlier in life", but he didn't because of the limiting beliefs he held onto. 


Difference between Limiting Beliefs and Real Realities


Limiting Beliefs

As a Swim Coach I hear things all the time:

"I can't do this, like by body is not physiologically built to lear to swim" 


"I can't float"


"I can't get my face wet"


You see, every, every single human beings capable of learning how to swim, that's it. But I don't think every single human being is capable of learning how to swim because the story in the head gets in the way of the real reality of the situation. 


Real Realities

Every human being is capable of learning how to swim so long as we're setting the proper expectation and approaching the learn how to swim process the right way.


Learning to swim won't happen in 5 easy steps. 

You could be 3 years old learning how to swim for the first time or teaching your child on how to swim for the first time.

Or you can be 70 years old.

The process to learn to swim is the same.

If you approach learning how to swim and you have a tremendous amount of fear, you have to be able to overcome that fear first, before learning.

But with, with proper, simple techniques on overcoming fear & anxiety, and then lots of exposure to water.

Given enough time, you can learn how to swim.

As you're exploring the process of learning, it's so important that you set that expectation properly for yourself, so that you give yourself the most opportunity to succeed possible.


Learning to Swim is very individual process, but we are here to see you through the whole process. 


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