Pool Rules for your home pool

Download our Pool Rules and go over them twice with your child before getting in the water. 

Pools are really fun places but they can also be dangerous places. 

Our goal at SwimAble is to make sure you have a safer independent swimmer now, but also a safer swimmer in the future. 



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It is really rare for a child to drown

Almost all child drownings happening when parents are not watching. Parent's might be at the pool with their child, but they might get distracted. Talking with friends, or packing up the car. And parents loose sight of their child for a second. And if there is no pool fence - this can be extremely scary. 


The best thing we can do, besides watching our child the entire time they are around a body of water - is making sure our kids now how to make the right, safer decisions independent of you.


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Water Safety is not a Child's responsibility

The most dangerous times at the pool for kids are at the beginning of their time at the pool, and at the end.

In the beginning kids are super excited to get in the pool and will do so almost at all costs. At the beginning kids have got a ton of energy. At the end, because kids have had a great time at the pool and hate leaving. Kids want to continue to swim and jump in - because they don't want to go home. 

It is our job as parents and guardians to make sure our kiddos are safe around the water. That means:

  • Putting in a Pool fence 
  • Making sure our kids are wearing the proper flotation for their swimming level
  • and making sure they know the boundaries of safe and appropriate behavior. 

In our Swim Discovery™ classes at our Home Pool in Atlanta GA, our instructors go over the pool rules EVERY TIME, BEFORE ANY CHILD goes in the water. 

We repeat this rules EVERY TIME, and have our kids repeat it back to us EVERY TIME.

This is a simple exercise in memorization and independent responsibility.  


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Our goal is Safer Independent Swimmers

Our Swim Safe and Jump Safe pool rules are designed to help parents help their kids stay safer. Download our Pool Rules and go over them twice with your child before getting in the water.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE RULES. 

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