Power of Play: Why playing IS learning

Today, I want to give you an idea of why playing is so important in the learn to swim process.  

Play + Fun go hand in hand.  This is essential in the learn to swim process because we accomplish 3 important things:

1. Our children relax.  Relaxation helps children become more buoyant in the water.  Essential for kids to learn.

2. Our children enjoy the experience.  What is up with swimming lessons that traumatize children?  There is no need for that and the Power of Play ensures FUN!

3. We "trick" children into doing the actual swimming skills we want them to do without them even knowing it!  +1 for the smart guys :)

We have a REAL opportunity to help our children progress their learning and helping to build a SAFER swimmer. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for implementing the Power of Play into your learn to swim experience! 

The Power of Play will be delivered to you as a step by step .PDF that outlines what games to play, how to play them, & all the information you need to start learning and having FUN!

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It is time to GROW your child's CONFIDENCE. CRUSH FEARS. And have a lot of FUN while doing it.

Safer Swimming,
Jim & Jeff Wood, Co-Founders of SwimAble.com