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Beginning Swimmers

Pool Rules for your home pool

Download our Pool Rules and go over them twice with your child before getting in the water. 

How to teach kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs to swim – Quickly and safely

If you're a parent with a child who is easily overstimulated, struggles to interpret,...

Why do we need to buy toys for Swim Discovery™

Playing is the best way for kids to learn to swim. The pool is like a playground for kids. With...

What learning looks like with Swim Discovery™

How do you know if your child is actually learning to swim with Swim Discovery™?

Would you...

How to get started with Swim Discovery™

Getting started with Swim Discovery™ is super simple.

Water Safety for Young Kids

I recently asked my parent friends this question on Facebook, and I got some crazy answers.

Teach your Kids to Swim for Free

Your kids do not need an expensive swim coach because they do not need to be "taught" how to...

How to Swim: Generating Forward Propulsion

Swimming is where we move in the water from point A to B.  

How to Swim: The Swimming Glide Technique

Learning how to forward glide can be an intimidating process for brand new swimmers: think about...