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Infant Drowning Prevention

40 babies under 1 years old drown in the UNITED STATES every year. 

Teaching Kids to Swim

When you signed up to teach your kids how to swim, you agreed to good days and bad days,...

Jumping into the Pool

If your swimmer doesn't jump into the pool correctly they may slip & hit their heads against the...

Water in Goggles

This is bound to happen to you. 

Games to Play in the Pool

After a few months, or a season of not swimming, our kids swimming skills can regress. 

How to Swim: The Swimming Glide Technique

Learning how to forward glide can be an intimidating process for brand new swimmers: think about...

How to get your child to swim more horizontally

A big problem parents have is getting their swimmers to swim horizontally on top of the water. 


What type of beginning swimmer are YOU?!?

We know that you know exactly the amount of fear that you might have, or that you might be...

Learning How to Swim: Swimming Basics

An opportunity learning how to swim can be one of the most rewarding processes in your life. I...