Teach your Kids to Swim for Free

Your kids do not need an expensive swim coach because they do not need to be "taught" how to swim. Your child can discover how to for themselves, and it's really simple.


If you can stand up in the shallow end, your child can learn to swim for free.


Let me introduce you to Swim Discovery™ - it's entirely different from swim lessons.

Here's all you have to do:

  1. Take your kids to the pool – your backyard or community pool is perfect. There are public pools in almost every city center, suburb, and rural township.
  2. Zip your child into a TYR Progressive Training Aid life jacket – these aren't any old life jackets – they're built specifically for kids learning how to swim.
  3. Let your kids play! 

That's it.

I should have said, "almost free." For this to work, you do have to purchase a TYR life jacket for around $35. But the rest literally costs you nothing!


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Swimming lessons are one of the slowest and most expensive ways to teach your kids to swim.

If you follow my recommendations above your child will learn to swim quicker than they would in swimming lessons, and you won't have to wring your wallet dry.


Most parents will spend anywhere from $500 to $1,500 on swimming lessons per child… you don't have to do that.

Literally, all you have to do is:

  1. Take your kids to the pool
  2. Zip them into a TYR Progressive Training life jacket
  3. And let them play

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More about the TYR Life Jacket

Most life jackets are built as one piece of flotation foam – this means they're great for safety but not great for learning how to swim without it.


The TYR Progressive Training Aid is specifically designed for kids learning how to swim – it's built with 8 pieces of floatation foam that fit into little individual pockets. It's a brilliant design because as your child grows strong and confident swimming with full floatation, you can remove one of two pieces of floatation foam.


And then your child can practice with less support, which means they'll build even more strength and skill with the life jacket on. And every time your child gains a little more strength, you remove a couple more pieces of foam. Eventually, your child will be completely weaned off the life jacket and will be swimming without it entirely.  


Some parents get weird about life jackets and convince themselves a life jacket will hold their child back from learning how to swim – nonsense! We've taught thousands of kids how to swim using these life jackets. It works great!
A life jacket like this is just like the training wheels on a bike – your child can learn how to swim and build confidence and coordination without the fear of falling. It's magic!


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Want some extra help?

You don't need any help – you can easily do what I just described above for free.


We've helped thousands of kids learn to swim, and Swim Discovery™ is the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way for kids to learn that we've ever seen.


But the idea of removing flotation can be intimidating for some parents.


If you think it could be for you, or you know you'd like some help - we'll hold your hand the entire way.


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You can join SwimAble Kid for only $20/month

A huge savings compared to $90/month group swim lessons or up to $200/month private lessons. And here's what you get:

  • Guidance on exactly when to remove flotation and how much to remove at any time – you never have to guess!
  • Exclusive access to Jim and Jeff through our Members-Only Facebook group
  • Exclusive access to our 60-second Virtual Swim Test allows us to personalize your entire experience and hold your hand from beginner swimmer to safer-independent swimmer.
  • A new game emailed to you every week that is designed to help your child master essential swimming skills like paddle swimming, treading water, breath control, going underwater & jumping in.

You don't need SwimAble Kid – but for only $20/month, why not have the reassurance that you're doing everything right? It's a no-brainer.

Watch this video to learn more about Swim Discovery™:

If you need even more of a reason to give Swim Discovery™ a try -- check out our blog: “3 Reasons Your Child Doesn’t Need Swim Lessons This Summer!”


Check out our SwimAble Kid, Swim Discovery™ program to see how your child can learn to swim for only $20 a month!