Teaching Kids to Swim

When you signed up to teach your kids how to swim, you agreed to good days and bad days, progress over time, and a whole lot of fun quality time with your child. 


We will be honest with you, there will be lots of days where things won't run smooth, or when it feels like your little swimmer is regressing. 


But we believe in you, and we believe in the process, because we have seen it work. 



Learning to swim is a journey in creativity and bonding with your child. 

There are few things we want to give you to help you in through this process. 


You are in control


This may not need saying, but you are in the adult in this situation. You are strong, caring, thoughtful and you love your kids tremendously. 


How you approach the learn to swim process will dictate how your child responds. 


Even when accidents happen, like your little swimmer swallows some water, or they forget their lifevest one day and jumps in, or slips on falls you are their number 1 support. 


You are there to tell them they are strong, brave, and courageous. You are there to tell them it is okay, and we can still have fun. 


And when your swimmer is done for the day, or wants to do something else, you can suggest new activities to do to keep the fun going. 


Or, if the day is done, and your swimmer will not cooperate at all. Maybe it is time to get the towel and dry off for the day. Learning to swim is not a linear progression from point A to B. And there is no shame in coming back the next day or another time. 


You are in control. 



You are creative


Your number 1 tool you will use in your Swimming Lessons is not the curriculum we give you but your child's imagination and your creativity. 


Swimming is about having fun, and if you are not having fun - please stop, and regain your focus. 


Look back over the POWER OF PLAY PDF, watch some our SwimAble Youtube Videos to gain some perspective, and gather some fun pool games to your tool belt. 


How long will it take my child to learn to swim


We get this question all the time & even with your unparalleled creativity learning to swim is not a 5 step of 10 step process. 



If you remember, no matter how bad the lesson is that day, the act of getting in the pool with your little swimmer is a WIN. 


You as a parent are making monumental steps for your child by creating positive associations with the water. 


If you commit to creating space for quality time with your child to teaching them to swim, we know your child will be swimming before you know it. Don't rush the process, just have fun. 


Safer Swimming

The SwimAble Team