The 5 Freedoms of Swim Discovery

Swim Discovery™ is the quickest, safest, and most affordable way for kids to learn to swim – and you can only find it at SwimAble Kid! 


What makes Swim Discovery™ so awesome and unique is that kids discover how to swim for themselves – without a coach! This means your kids can learn to swim in your own backyard or community pool, and you save a bunch of money.


Our methods are inspired by Montessori principles and lessons we learned teaching thousands of kids how to swim. And it's super simple. When you give kids these 5 Freedoms of Swim Discovery™, learning to swim happens naturally and spontaneously. 

  1. Freedom to Play – It's impossible to play in the water without swimming – which means to play, they first have to figure out how to move.

  2. Freedom to Move – Kids are free to move on their own without you holding on – which means they swim a lot more and learn faster! 
  3. Freedom to Choose – Kids choose from options of different Swim Discovery™ games to play or make up their own – which means they're always excited to play and swim!
  4. Freedom to Flow – As long as kids follow the pool rules, you don't interrupt them unnecessarily – which means they stay focused on playing – which means faster learning! 
  5. Freedom to Discover – When kids play and move in the water, they learn spontaneously – so avoid the urge to coach them and allow them to figure it out for themselves! 


These 5 Freedoms of Swim Discovery™ give kids the ability to figure out how to swim for themselves!


Which tends to be quicker, safer, and a lot more fun than swimming lessons! 


Keep reading to take a deeper dive into each of the 5 Freedoms. 


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Freedom to Play

Maria Montessori believed "play is the work of the child," and we agree. When kids get in the water, their first impulse is to play – not to sit for instruction. Formal swimming lessons battle that natural instinct. But Swim Discovery™ embraces it and uses it to accelerate learning. 


When kids play in the water, they're just focused on having fun. But because it's impossible to play in the water without swimming, their bodies stay busy figuring out how to swim! And that all happens spontaneously without coaching! 


Freedom to Play is exactly what it sounds like – Let your child play and have fun. The more they play, the more they swim and the faster they learn!


Check out our SwimAble Kid, Swim Discovery™ program to see how your child can learn to swim for only $20 a month!


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Freedom to Move

To have the Freedom to Play means we have to give kids the Freedom to Move! That means the Freedom to Move without you or someone else holding on to them. And because your child doesn't know how to swim yet – that means zipping them into a Life Jacket for safety.


When kids have the Freedom to Move in the water, they end up swimming a lot more. Kids in Swim Discovery™ swim over 300% more than other kids in the same duration swim lesson – it's incredible. And more swimming always means quicker learning. 


Kids who can't swim yet only have two options for swimming safely. Either you hold them the entire time, or they wear a Life Jacket – and if you're holding on, they're being held back. Some parents are Life Jacket resistant – but don't get hung up on putting your child in a Life Jacket. It's the quickest way to learn. 


Think of wearing a Life Jacket like you do training wheels on a bike – Using it keeps your child safe as they're figuring out how everything works. But this Life Jacket is even better because we can reduce flotation and wean your child off the Life Jacket slowly as they get stronger. Check it out here: TYR Training Life Jacket


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Freedom to Choose

Freedom to Choose means allowing your child to determine how they spend their time in the water and what they play. This ensures they'll be inspired and fully engaged in what they're doing the entire time. And this means discovering how to swim for themselves – because it's impossible to play in the water without swimming! 


With a SwimAble Kid membership, we send you a new Swim Discovery™ game every week! Just allow your child to choose which games to play from a few options or let them make up their own – the point is that they stay fully engaged in what they're doing. 


When your child is busy having fun and playing what they want to play, they're going to be swimming a whole lot more – and that always means faster learning! Of course, it's not a free-for-all – to keep things safe, we have to follow the pool rules.


And we've outlined those for you here: Swim Safe and Jump Safe Pool Rules.




Freedom to Flow

Giving your child the Freedom to Flow just means not interrupting them unnecessarily. Every time children get interrupted, they lose focus and learning stops. When kids get interrupted, it's usually by a coach or parent who wants to change how they're swimming – coaching is interrupting, and it slows down learning.  


When kids are busy playing, they're busy swimming and learning how to swim better. Coaching interrupts their learning by shifting their focus away from feeling how their body is moving in the water, to trying to recreate what the adult wants from them. The child is no longer in-tune with their body and figuring out how their body moves best in the water – and that always slows down learning. 


The longer your child stays engaged in purposeful play, the faster they're going to learn! To the amount possible, inspiration should determine when children start and stop activities, not adults. The only appropriate time to interrupt a child is when it's time to go or when you see them breaking a Swim Safe or Jump Safe pool rule. 

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Freedom to Discover

The most beautiful aspect of Swim Discovery™ is that kids discover how to swim for themselves! That means any parent can use the SwimAble Kid program because there's no need to coach! So, it doesn't matter if you're a great swimmer or not – if you can stand up in the shallow end, your child can use Swim Discovery™.


You don't need to coach because the water does a perfectly great job on its own! When children don't move their bodies correctly, they don't go anywhere – or it takes them a long time to get where they want to go. And when they move right, they do.  


It's that simple. The water is every child's best coach! 



Check out our SwimAble Kid, Swim Discovery™ program to see how your child can learn to swim for only $20 a month!