Water in Goggles

This is bound to happen to you. 

As a parent your first instinct is to fix the problem right then and there. But what is important is not fixing the problem, but making sure your child has the skills to take care of the problem themselves. 

Your child will be swimming, or jumping in the pool - pop back up - look at you and say ...


"I have water in my goggles"




This is a common problem

Especially as you are playing fun pool games, water will get in your swimmers goggles some how. 


When this happens present your swimmer with two options:


1) Your swimmer can rip their goggles off so they can see and get to the wall safely. 




2) Your swimmer can swim to the wall with water in their goggles, and then take them off to get the water out. 


The goal of these suggestions is you want your swimmer to know that stopping in the middle of the pool is not an option. 


What is important is that your swimmer can safely navigate back to the wall, so they are safe when they get the water out of their goggles & readjust them. 


Safer Swimming,

The SwimAble Team



Goggles are a great and useful tool. 

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