Different Types of Life Vests for Kids

There are 3 different types of Life Vests for kids, and each has its own special particular use & function. Find out which is best for you and your child.


If you child can not swim yet, there are a few things you can do so they can have fun in the water. One of those options is put them into a Life Jacket.


Puddle Jumpers and other survival are great for keeping kids safer. But they are not designed to help kids learn how to swim. With the Learn-to-Swim Life Jacket from TYR your child will always be matched with the right level of flotation to and mobility to learn how to swim


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1. Survival Life Jackets

If you go to Target or Amazon and search life jackets odds are the first thing that will pop up will be these single piece of foam Survival Life Jacket. 

These Life Jackets are fantastic when your family is on the boat or at the lake.  These Life Jacket's serve 1 purpose: to keep your child afloat in ANY SITUATION.

The purpose of these life vests is not to help your child learn to swim.  

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2. Puddle Jumpers

You can find lots of content on the internet saying how Puddle Jumpers are bad, or how Puddle Jumpers can cause a false sense of security around the water. 


The reality is Puddle Jumpers are great for kids who just want to have fun in the water. As a swim coach we know in the progression of learning the kicking motion kids 1st: use the bicycle kick, before then move onto the scissor kick motion. 


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3. Learn-to-Swim Life Jackets for Kids Learning how to swim

The Learn-to-Swim Life Jacket is for kids who are ready to learn how to swim. With the Learn-to-Swim Life Jacket you have the full range of motion like the Survival Life Jacket, and the ability to help kids start the learn-to-swim process like with the Puddle Jumpers. 

There are 8-levels of removable flotation inside the Learn-to-Swim Life Jacket.


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This means we can wean your child off their life jacket as they get strong enough to rely more on their own skills.  


Why is that important?


Learning requires a balance of help and challenge. Too much help and learning never progresses - too much challenge and kids tend to give up. 


But with the perfect blend of both, learning is accelerated


And that’s exactly what SwimAble Kid does. 


As your child builds enough strength, endurance and skill to rely more on their own abilities - we guide you to reduce flotation from their life jacket. And that means: 


  • Your child is always supported by exactly the right amount of flotation they need to keep swimming safely. And…

  • Your child is always matched with just the right amount of challenge to accelerate their learning


The Learn-to-Swim Life Vest does just that.


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Get Started Swimming SAFER today!

If you are looking to grow your child’s swimming skills faster, the best way to do that is to: 

  1. Go to the pool
  2. Put them in a TYR LEARN TO SWIM LIFE VEST
  3. Play with them in the pool!

The more you go to the pool, and the more you play the faster they will develop. They will learn how to kick, scoop, and hold their breath all on their own. Kids love to explore, play & learn. It is what they do best. The TYR LEARN TO SWIM LIFE VEST makes your swimmer a SAFER INDEPENDENT SWIMMER IMMEDIATELY!

And that means we can reduce the flotation level as your child gets stronger and more skilled in the water. We will wean them off slowly until they don’t need it anymore at all!  With SwimAble Kid we hold your hand through the entire process.


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Watch this video to see how we use the TYR Learn-to-Swim Life Jacket:

Check out our SwimAble Kid, Swim Discovery™ program to see how your child can learn to swim for only $20 a month!