Why do we need to buy toys for Swim Discovery™

Playing is the best way for kids to learn to swim. The pool is like a playground for kids. With SwimAble Kid we use toys & games as an integral part of Swim Discovery™ 

But the reality is you don't need to buy these "specific toys". 

Swim Discovery™ is a simple method for teaching your kids to swim. It’s always as easy as:

  1. Take your child to the pool
  2. Put them in a Life Jacket – even a Puddle Jumper if you already have one, and
  3. Just let them play!

The games we send you are nothing more than a fun perk and enhancement to your SwimAble Kid membership. These are games Swim Discovery™ swimmers play and love at our facility. We just want to share them with you because we know your kids will love them too!


There’s no learning magic in any one of our games. But each game is a lot of fun and will help your child build essential swimming skills like: paddle swimming, treading water, jumping in, going underwater, holding their breath, and swimming with objects/toys.


Don’t feel like buying toys for this week’s game? No big deal – skip it!


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But please keep:

  1. Taking your child to the pool
  2. Zipping them into their TYR Progressive Training Life Jacket, and
  3. Letting them play!
  4. AND then filling out your 60-second Virtual Swim Test – that’s key! (don’t forget to do that!)

I promise your kids will love the games if you’re in a position to buy the toys and play them – but don’t feel obligated.


Swim Discovery™ works with or without the toys!

Jeff and I are here for you the entire time – please reach out to me directly with any questions: jim@swimable.com.

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Don't wait. Get started with Swim Discovery™ today!

Watch this video to learn more about Swim Discovery™:

If you need even more of a reason to give Swim Discovery™ a try -- check out our blog: “5 Freedoms of Swim Discovery